Flaire,Sheigh,Spry, and Cricket
Flat Coated Retrievers
-since 1987

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Visitors to Oakwood
Kennels Web Site

Welcome to the site of Oakwood Flat Coated Retrievers!

We hope you came to this site to learn a bit about the
Flat Coated Retriever and about our dogs.

Our dogs are first and foremost members of our
family. We also enjoy many activities with our dogs,
including tracking, obedience, agility, and conformation.

Our main objective is to breed healthy, typy dogs
that are true to their hunting heritage.

So look around, visit our dogs, and we hope you find
helpful information about this versatile breed -the roses and the
thorns-as no breed is pefect-and this breed may be
suited for some, but not everyone!

We are constantly updating this site, so please come back often!
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at
oakwoodfcr @ aol.com
(please remove the blank spaces before and after the @
before emailing-the blanks help us cut down on the spamers!)

Mamma Spry and puppy